Lean StartUp Services with Agile MVP

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You have found your rock solid dream Idea. May be found, a co-founder as well, or even more! Still figuring out How to get it developed !!!

You are about to have one of the very good option here for Agile MVP development!!

SmallDay is uniquely positioned to handle startup development challenges

  • Requirement keep evolving with MVP launch.
  • Validating idea with agile MVP with a target launch within 3 month.
  • Expedited MVP change at faster pace with early market feedback till product market fit.
  • Low level or little existing documentation.
  • Enhanced focus on Function and lesser focus on Scalability.
  • Leverage open source software and tools.

Startup product Engineering Practices

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Initiation And MVP Development

  • Identify requirement with highest priority and payback for MVP and update in Agile tool.
  • Thorough discussion of MVP backlog with development team, founders and other key stakeholders. Development must understand business objective and vision of founders.
  • Freeze communication medium, frequency, single point of contact, iteration duration (one to 3 week), backlog for 1st iteration, technology stack/ architecture.
  • Tool based agile adoption for backlog, sprint, assignment and tracking (JIRA, Rally, VersionOne etc.).
  • Use fastest/best IDE (Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, Visual Studio, PHPStorm, Android Studio etc)
  • Continuous Integration (CI) with Jenkin, CircleCI for minimal wastage of time on Integration.
  • Deploy analytic to capture all user behavior (Google analytics, Flurry, Kismetrics etc).
  • Peer code review
  • Identify technology debts
  • Avoid requirement changes in running sprint.
  • Relent less focus on releasing MVP at the earliest with highest priority requirement.
  • Typical Duration – 2 to 4 month.

Product Market Fit

  • Founders to freeze the goal/ KPI for Product market Fit.
  • Daily feedback analysis and analytics analysis by founders.
  • Create/ Enhance requirements for features most used and asked by end-customers
  • Decide items to be removed from backlog.
  • Prioritize requirements to be scheduled for “Product market Fit” sprint.
  • Reduce sprint duration (May be to one week) with CI, test automation and Continuous Delivery .
  • Release quick updates and patches till Product market Fit achieved.
  • Identify technology debts and scalability issues.
  • Gap Analysis between Product market Fit KPI and actual performance
  • Identify 30%+ team members to play DevOPS role, better entire team be DEVOPS team.
  • Typical Duration – 6 to 12 month.
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Scale Up

  • Prioritize and schedule technology debts and scalability issues.
  • Institutionalize Continuous Delivery and Continuous monitoring, with existing continuous Integration.
  • Functional backlog for larger number users.
  • Performance engineering (Performance audit, static and dynamic analysis, scalability analysis, benchmark and remediation)
  • Security adjustments
  • Scalability and High availability
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business continuity.

SmallDay team will tread extra miles to make your startup successful. Please Let us know How We can help.